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Businesses of any size are invited to utilize our leading and growing network system:


We are able to assist in all sending and receiving of items


Individuals are able to use our delivery network for sending and receiving their personal items via GiFD.online

  • Free to open an account.
  • Select any of our booking size options.
  • Upgrade your size options as required for larger items like furniture and white goods.
  • Pay easily online at time of booking.
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Why Choose Us?

Here are some examples we have heard first hand

1. Every business has different delivery needs.

Whether you have daily or infrequent delivery requirements we can customize a package that fits your needs and budget. Simply call us and book over the phone with your credit card! With a wide range of vehicles, experienced and skilled personnel and 24/7 availability we are confident we can assist your businesses needs.

2. Speedy and timely delivery experts for every job.

Let’s be real – Melbourne’s traffic sucks. However our couriers are proficient drivers who are also trained to be problem solvers, seeking alternate routes and offering traffic management solutions, when delays are encountered to ensure that we deliver as promised, as per the service you booked, for every job.

3. Local experience matters when moving from A to B in an efficient manner.

With over 15 years in transportation delivering all items of goods from time sensitive documents, bread for bakeries and blood runs for hospitals we are confident we provide an efficient courier service which is reflected by our highly competitive rates and growing positive customer reviews.

4. Reliable, friendly and helpful Melbourne based call centre.

We pride ourselves on our local team being available to assist our clients with all their courier needs. We can be easily reached via phone, email or come in for a coffee and chat for solutions to your delivery requirements and answers to all your enquiries.

ABN holders and registered companies can also open a trading account with us with pre-paid savings, automated payments and a monthly itemized job invoices for total peace of mind.

If you don’t believe Move iT Couriers are experts in delivering your items safely and promptly – check out our reviews!